Double Take mirrors

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5.00185.00 (VAT incl.)

Adventure mirror kit includes

  • 2x Adventure mirrors
  • 2x the longest arm (RAM-B-201U-C)
  • 2x Ball and Threaded Base (10mm x 1.25 or 10mm x 1.50 thread)

Enduro mirror kit includes

  • 2x Enduro mirrors
  • 2x medium arm (RAM-B-201U)
  • 2x Ball and Threaded Base (10mm x 1.25 or 10mm x 1.50 thread)

Threaded base

  • 10mm x 1.25 – Compatible with all Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Triumph, Husqvarna, Zero and Suzuki bikes, and left side of Yamaha.
  • 10mm x 1.50 – Fits F650/800 twins and R1200GS.
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Adventure mirrors, Enduro mirrors, Ball Stud Base Only

Ball Stud Base

M10x1.25mm thread (no adapter), M10x1.50mm thread (with adapter)

1 review for Double Take mirrors

  1. Rihards Grunte

    Rihards Grunte

    This is my own experience with mirrors! I had the stock mirror ball bearings break due to heavy vibration and the next mirrors that I bought simply snapped in half after flying over my bike after a crash.

    Since I got the Double Take mirrors I’ve had zero crashes! LOL, just kidding! I’m still crashing but at least the mirrors are all OK! The worst that has happened with them is snapping off from the ball but I put it back on, tighten it, and can ride.

    Yes, the Double Taker mirrors are 3x more expensive but if compared to having many mirrors I’ve replaced before and possibly would have I would say that it’s well worth it!

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