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My name is Rihards and you've stumbled in OUTDURO, a place made for both new and experienced riders who enjoy going in adventures on motorcycles and prefer staying outdoors in camping sites, making food on a campfire while sharing stories with fellow riders. In this blog you will find many useful articles for travel destinations, motorcycle gear, camping gear, rider stories and much more.

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Motorcycle adventure stories

April 15, 2021

Riding around Latvia

Is it common for young adventure seekers to travel around their own country before embarking on a long journey around the world?
March 30, 2021

Trans Euro Trail Latvia – What to expect and what not to miss out on

If you're ever planning on traveling on Trans Euro Trail and through Latvia, then check out this small article about it. Learn quick facts about Latvia and more.


Watch motorcycle adventure videos

May 27, 2021

S1 Introduction – Foodventures on TET Spain with Egīls Šēfers

February 11, 2021

Autumn ride on TET Latvia

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