About us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you


Our mission is simple - we want to equip our riders with the best motorcycle gear out there. That is why we only sell products that we've tested ourselves and we can recommend them.


We're not just a store, we're a whole tribe of like-minded adventure riders. We go on our own organized adventure rides and we organize open rides. We share our stories in our blog at outduro.com


Any gear that we add to our store we test it first ourselves. We don't have many products to offer because we select only the best brands that we use ourselves.


We love to ride our motorcycles into the wild and camp overnight. We're trying to show the public that motorcycle riders aren't only two-stroke pigs that ruin the forests and trails. We prefer camping on established camp grounds and we practice "leave no trace".

I have a dream that one day our OUTDURO store will become a place for every adventure rider new and experienced. A place where you can find all the necessary equipment and gear for your adventures, may it be local or long-distance. Each day we're getting closer and closer to this goal but we don't want to become a soleless online shop that is why we're working on organizing events where we show and teach you about the gear that we use for upgrading our war horses and for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

- Rihards

Rihards Grunte

Store manager