It's your life, you write your own story

So stop dreaming
start doing!

Hey, my name is Rihards Grunte

I've been riding my bike, that I now call Bruno, for almost two years and so far I've traveled only locally and border neighbour countries since I'm still learning how to ride, and do maintainance but my goal as any other wannabe adventurer is to travel the world and go further, higher and longer... one day, hopefully...

I love outdoor activities and cooking meals over campfire, so my motorcycle allows me to bring more stuff to my camping sites. I enjoy taking pictures and creating mini video series on my journey.

Hope my journey inspires some of you like other adventure riders inspired me!

The bike of choice -
BMW G650 Xchallenge
aka Bruno :)

The BMW G650X was a series of motorcycles produced from 2006 to 2009. The three models were: the G650 Xchallenge, the G650 Xmoto, and the G650 Xcountry.

The same updated Rotax engine first seen on the BMW F650 was shared among the three models. The single-cylinder, four-stroke, 652cc engine was liquid-cooled and features DOHC.

The engine produced 53 hp and 60 Nm of power and torque at 7000 and 5250 RPM respectively.[1][2] The three models shared all major components and are differentiated by their fairing and wheel sizes, therefore, the models vary in weight.

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What is OUTDURO?
and what's with the logo?

OUTDURO is a combination of two words and two activities - OUTdoors and enDURO.

OUTDURO was created as a platform to share adventure stories, pictures, videos, guides and useful motorycle camping information.

What do you mean with outdoors? By that I mean outdoor activities like camping, hiking, bushcrafting, fishing and cooking meals over a campfire. The enduro motorcycle helps me get to more remote areas but the real experience comes from exploring sight seeing objects, nature and cooking food wither other OUTDURO members and friends.

So what's with the logo? Is it some sort of Illuminati all seeing eye? That's the first thing my friend told me after I showed him my new logo that my designer friend crafted for me. To be honest I never even saw it but what it actually simbolizes is enduro tyre, a camping tent and a setting sun.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt.

John Muir


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