Terms of Use


These  “Terms of Use”  (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) apply to all  “OUTDURO.SHOP”  (hereinafter referred to as the “Site” ) of SIA DOUTDURO Group (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”, “We”, “Our”)  , “Online Store”)  Users  (hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”, “You”, “Your”). Please read the Terms carefully before ordering. We may change the Terms from time to time, please read them again before making another purchase.

In accordance with the description of the Goods and Services, we undertake to ensure the receipt of the order within the specified time limits and in the specified amount.
You can place an order in our store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during periods of daily maintenance or technical failure.

  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the information when placing an order or contacting customer support. You represent that you are under the age of 16 and undertake not to take any action against the security of the Site.
  • We are not responsible for inaccurate, incomplete, or incorrect data provided by you.
  • By placing an order, you agree that we may entrust the performance of the Agreement to a third party, for example, to deliver the order, while retaining responsibility for its performance.
  • The Seller may change the Terms unilaterally without notifying the User / Buyer. The new version of the Terms will be published on the Website and will take effect from the moment of publication unless otherwise provided in these Terms.
  • By using the Website and/or purchasing goods and/or services, you acknowledge that you understand the Terms and agree to abide by them and keep abreast of any changes thereto.

It is considered that by the time the purchase is made, with or without authorization on the Website, or the Buyer's order has been accepted by phone or e-mail, the Website Visitor / Buyer has agreed to the Terms.

If you do not agree to these Terms or certain definitions contained therein, please do not use our Website Services.


The purpose of these Terms is to enable the User to purchase the Goods listed in the Online Store Catalog for personal, family, household, and other non-business needs.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all types of Goods and services posted on the Website, as long as these offers are valid and available for ordering in the Online Store Catalog.


The Buyer shall place the Order in accordance with the procedure specified in the "Payments" section of the Website.

After placing the Order on the Website, the Buyer is provided with information about the expected delivery date, using the e-mail specified by the Buyer during the placing of the Order, or by phone. The manager serving the specific order specifies the information about the Order, coordinates the delivery date, the availability of the ordered product in the Seller's warehouse, and the time required to process and deliver the order.

The Purchasing Service Manager shall notify the Delivery Service Provider of the scheduled date for delivery of the Order by e-mail or by making a control call to the Buyer.

If the Goods ordered by the Buyer are not in the Seller's warehouse, the latter has the right to exclude such Goods from the Order / cancel the Order by notifying the Buyer by sending an e-mail to the address specified by the Buyer during the ordering process or by calling the Call Center operator.

In the event of partial or complete cancellation of an already paid Order, the Seller shall return the value of the canceled Product to the Buyer in the form of non-cash.


The delivery options and approximate terms of the Goods are indicated in the Shipping section of the Website, which is an integral part of these Terms, as well as in the Product Description.

After delivery, the Order is transferred to the Buyer or a third party, if the Buyer has agreed to it in writing.

In order to prevent fraud when delivering a prepaid Order, the Supplier has the right to request an identity document from the Recipient.

Delivery costs are calculated individually for each order based on information about the ordered Product, Product weight, region, and delivery method, and are indicated on the Website at the last stage of the Order or notified by the Seller in writing or orally after the order confirmation.

The Seller's obligation to deliver the Goods to the Buyer shall be deemed fulfilled at the moment when the courier has delivered them to the Buyer or at another previously agreed place of receipt of the Order (including self-service points).

Upon receipt of the Order from the courier or at the point of issue, the recipient has the right to inspect the delivered Product and check its compliance with the specified quantity, range, and assembly of the Product and to check the service life of the Delivered Goods and packaging integrity.

The risk of accidental damage to the product is transferred to the Buyer from the moment the order is handed over to him.


The price of the Goods sold in the online store is indicated in euros and includes value-added tax.

In case the price of the Goods ordered by the Buyer has been incorrectly indicated, the Seller shall inform the Buyer to confirm the Order for the revised price or cancellation of the Order. If it is not possible to contact the Buyer, this Order is considered canceled. If the order has already been paid, the Seller returns the amount paid to the Buyer in non-cash form.

The Seller may change the price of the Goods on the Website unilaterally. At the same time, the price of the Goods ordered by the Buyer cannot be changed unilaterally.

The Seller has the right to limit the types of payment available to the Buyer depending on the amount of the Order.

The Seller is entitled to request the Buyer's passport or ID card if the order is paid for with a credit card.


The buyer has the right to return the goods within 14 days from the date of purchase.

The return of the goods takes place in accordance with the conditions described in the section  "Returns", which is an integral part of these Terms.

The money is returned by refunding the value of the paid Goods by bank transfer.


The Seller is not responsible for any losses caused to the Buyer as a result of incorrect use of the Product purchased in the Online Store.

The seller is not responsible for the content or operation of external sites.


We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and visitors to the Site, including you.
For more information about the privacy policy, see the "Privacy Policy" section, which is an integral part of these Terms.


The relationship between the User / Buyer and the Seller is subject to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

If the User / Buyer has any questions or complaints, he has the right to contact the Seller by phone or other available means.

If the court declares any of these clauses invalid, it shall not invalidate the remaining clauses.

The online store and the services provided may be temporarily, partially, or completely unavailable due to preventive or other work or other technical reasons. The technical service of SIA “OUTDURO Group” has the right to periodically perform the necessary preventive or other works with or without prior notice to the Buyers.


We regularly review our Terms. All changes will be posted on this page.
These Terms came into force and were last updated on 21.12.2022.